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“We love our home! I wanted to thank you and your staff again for helping make our building process as easy and worry free as possible. We feel that partnering with Legacy Custom Homes as our builder was the best decision that we could have made. We will continue to tell everyone how overly satisfied we are with our home and how you treated us.”

—  Mark & Amy T.


“We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Legacy’s commitment to quality and customer service, and especially recognize Jason Burnette for his exceptional management, communication, and follow-up associated with the building and maintenance of our home.

When we moved from Atlanta in the spring of 2015, we were informed by multiple sources that Legacy is a reputable company that not only builds incredible homes, but stands behind its product. Simply put: Your brand is impeccable, and Jason is the perfect steward of your brand.

From day one, he has been a true professional, making the process easy, and resolving any issues quickly and thoroughly. During the build, he surpassed our expectations by keeping us apprised of all the details with constant communication. As you know, this can be a stressful process, but Jason put our minds at ease.

After 2+ years of residing in our new home, Jason continues to amaze us with his attentiveness. We are currently finishing our third floor attic, and in the process encountered an issue with the AC line feeding the attic. Recognizing that the damage occurred during the initial construction, Jason was extremely quick to respond to the issue (within two hours), and resolve it immediately. He went above and beyond to take care of this for us, and kept everything moving smoothly, thus eliminating any delays.

We do not hesitate to tell all who will listen about our fantastic experience with Legacy, and Jason in particular. We look forward to building with Legacy and Jason again in the future.”

- Chris & Mark


““Legacy Custom Homes has exceeded our expectations in regards to the quality of the finished product and after the sales service. Your personnel, both back office and front line, were knowledgeable and always accessible. Additionally, they made some very appreciated and valuable recommendations during the selection and building process. I would be flattered in you were to add our names to the already long list of Legacy’s satisfied customers.”

—  Andre B.


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for being so caring and accommodating of my client’s needs while under contract for the sale of the Mills Street townhome. I certainly know that you did not have to come out yourself to speak to us, but as you're aware it meant quite a bit to Frank that you did and really made him feel good about both the property and doing business with you. As a broker I deal with a good number of builders and GCs, most of whom are not quite as busy as Legacy, and I rarely see the principal turn up anywhere that it's not absolutely required--to me your turning up speaks volumes about how much you care about the homes you build as well as the homeowners you sell them to. I've held Legacy in high regard for years, having been in the homes you've built, but I couldn't recommend you guys enough now, and certainly look forward to doing more business in the future.

Donald was also exceedingly helpful during the walkthrough and didn't mind at all taking all the time Frank needed to get comfortable with his knew home, even when it meant answering the same question three times; he's just a solid guy in general. He couldn't have been more knowledgeable or professional, and his eye for detail is extremely comforting to see for a guy in his line of work.

Thanks again, I look forward to closing this one this week and doing more with y'all in the future.”​

- Daniel W.

“You may remember meeting my husband, Jeff, and I in your office a few months back. We started this process back in January with Matt Gilliam and have worked with Leigh Mosby and Jon Ward since then. We wanted to write a note of thanks and appreciation.

The process of building our home with Legacy has been nothing short of AMAZING. From the moment we saw Leigh’s beautiful parade home in Bellewood, we knew that she would able to help us bring our dreams to reality. We have had at least a dozen meetings with her along the way. She is patient, knowledgeable about every detail, and very gifted in her craft. We had such fun during selections that we were actually sad when everything was done and all picked out. Now that we are just a few weeks from closing, we feel like we are unwrapping a gift each time we go “peek in” on the house.

Jon too has been instrumental with making us feel included in each step of building. From plumbing to closets, he has patiently fielded our endless questions. He regularly shares his extensive experience and stays on top of so many little details. We often marvel about how he keeps up with it all! On more than one occasion, he has stayed late to work around our schedules and make sure something is to our satisfaction.

I’m sure that you have a very capable staff at Legacy. I just wanted to highlight how very lucky we feel to be working with Leigh and Jon. Many people jokingly warned us that building a home would test our marriage. On the contrary, it’s helped us bond and reflect on how we live and what we want for our family. THANK YOU for all that your talented team has done to build our dream home!”

- Jeff & Victoria C.

“I wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed we are with Legacy. The fact that this project is on schedule or ever ahead of is practically unheard of in the world of building. The way Legacy’s team has approached their work has impressed us even more than their ability to get the job done so timely and efficiently.

Every person on the job has been extremely polite, professional and hard working. We are so pleased with the work done so far, everything looks fantastic and exactly as we had envisioned. We will certainly come away from this experience with a very positive view of Legacy and will be sure to sing your praises around town.”

- Julie S.

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